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When Sheraz Iftikhar and Akhil Kumar launched Arch Global Advisors in 2007, their objectives were ambitious but clear. “We wanted to provide something we weren’t seeing a lot in the world of investment advisors,” Sheraz said. Because the needs of our clients were our primary focus, our main goal was to develop an appropriate investment strategy that puts our clients' needs first. That is still the philosophy 17 years later. Arch Global Advisors remains a full-service, independent wealth management firm—not obligated to a single financial institution, bank, or brokerage firm. 

The primary goal is to help clients succeed. Because when you succeed, we do too. That is an empowering feeling—as well as a trust we work ceaselessly to maintain. We want our clients to know that there is someone diligently watching over their investment portfolio,” Akhil said. Someone who is supportive of them and concerned about their well-being.” 

Support, Vigilance, Stability. Kind of like an arch. 

As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, the arch is a curved structure, anchored to two supports, that can hold the weight of a wall or column above.  

That is the type of solid, unwavering support that Arch Global Advisors aims to provide for all its clients. When you become a client, you are not just a phone number or a dollar amount, you are part of the family. We are a small, boutique firm. We really get to know our clients and they know we are there for them.” says Akhil. Proof of that is in the frequency of client interaction at AGA: Advisors typically talk to their customers at least four times a year—as well as an annual face to face meeting. Conversely, if the client has a question or needs to speak to his or her advisor, they do not have to wait days or weeks for a call back. No client waits on hold for 30 minutes with us,” he adds. Callbacks often happen within hours,” It is that dedication to top-shelf client services and unparalleled client results that has established Arch Global Advisors as a premier boutique investment management firm. 

As impressive as that number is, there is yet another metric that the co-founders believe speaks to the essence of Arch Global Advisors, A nearly 99-percent retention rate among clients. For me, that’s the ultimate testimonial,” says Akhil. Such customer loyalty bespeaks the trust and confidence that the entire team at Arch has earned, over many years of dedicating themselves to the same propositions Sheraz and Akhil laid out in 2007. We never forget the fact that we’re handling people’s life savings,” says Sheraz. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously.” 

What makes us different than our competitors?

What makes us different than our competitors?

Our business starts and ends with YOU.

Arch Global Advisors is a full-service, independent wealth management firm. We are not obligated to a single financial institution, bank or brokerage firm. Our only goal is to help you succeed– because when you succeed, we do too. It's an empowering feeling.

Your finances, enhanced by the power of technology.

We leverage the latest and most advanced financial technology when and where it matters most. Our asset management platform, powered by the expertise of our financial advisors, helps balance risk with cost-control to provide you with the optimal portfolio to match your goals. And with BlackDiamond®, a financial portal available through Arch Global, you can see where your finances stand at any time, and anywhere.

Team approach. White glove service at a high value.

We combine the intimacy of a small firm with a broad range of products, services and technology partners so we can provide you with custom solutions – efficiently and effectively. In addition, our advisors work as a team with top attorneys and CPAs to deliver seamlessly integrated financial services.

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