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Brian Bejarano

Brian Bejarano

Executive Assistant

As the executive assistant at Arch Global Advisors (AGA), Brian Bejarano handles various tasks. His responsibilities include account processing, compiling quarterly reports, tracking expenses of the firm, service requests, and managing its customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

But it is not just his organizational skills that make him such a valuable member of the firm. Brian also helps set AGA’s hospitable, welcoming atmosphere, greeting every visitor to the New York office with a smile. I think it’s important that clients know they’re always welcome here,” he says. 

Indeed, Brian—who joined AGA in June 2022 not only runs the back-office operations of the firm, but in many ways is the connector who links everyone in the front office together—as well as the staff with the clients, the partners with the staff, and the three offices of AGA with each other. Which is why, if you are a client, you can expect to hear from Brian about an imminent tax deadline, about forms that need to be Docu-signed or when it is time to schedule a meeting. 

Communication with AGA’s two other offices in St. Augustine, Florida and White Plains, New York, is another part of Brian’s responsibility: He coordinates with St. Augustine and White Plains to ensure that both offices are coordinated with the Madison Avenue headquarters.

His Background:

Prior to AGA, Brian worked as a client finance associate at Recruitics, a data-powered marketing platform that helps global brands identify talent. But he developed his people skills early on. A graduate of Montclair State University in New Jersey, Brianmajored in Speech Communications and Public Relations. With his outgoing personality, he knew he was in the right discipline.

Fun Fact:

Brian was raised in Jersey City, moved to North Bergen and lives in Weehawken, directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan. But he also has a global perspective that is a hallmark of AGA. In his mid-20s, he spent three years teaching English in Istanbul. Living in Türkiye's largest city he learned about its social norms, its geopolitics, its people, and its culture. It broadens your perspective to see how people live in differentparts of the worldand what makes them tick,” he says.