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Frank Davidson

Frank Davidson

Registered Representative

As a registered rep at Arch Global Wealth Advisors’ White Plain office, Frank Davidson works with clients to develop a financial plan that will help them achieve the wealth they aspire to—while providing themselves and their family with the security and the support they need. For his many loyal clients, Frank serves as a trusted steward of their assets, through every phase of their lives.           

He is professionally qualified to play such a key role: Frank’s resume includes some of the financial industry’s most widely recognized names. He started his financial career as a customer service rep in Alliance Capital’s training program. After earning several advanced certificates in financial management, Frank became a registered rep at Bear Stearns, then Met Life, JP Morgan-Chase, and Prudential, before joining AGA in 2023. 

It has been a good fit. “There is a positive, supportive atmosphere here,” he says. “And my feeling is that it is always better to be positive than negative. That makes everyone’s life easier.” 

Frank’s goal is to make his client’s life easier, now and in the long run. That, he believes, involves one essential factor - Communication. Effective, consistent communication with clients, Frank maintains, is essential for him to do his job. He holds regular meetings and conversations with his clients—and those interactions involve listening first, advising second. I see myself as a sounding board,” Frank says. I am learning from conversations with my clients exactly what they envision in their financial future, so that I can figure out the best possible plan to help them achieve it.”  

Those needs, and therefore, those plans can change: He adds, “when you’re 40, your financial planning is going to be very different than when you’re 80.” 

His Background:

Frank was raised in Tappan in Rockland County, New York, and today lives in Nanuet, close to where he grew up. He is married, with two children. His daughter is a student at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and his son runs for his high school track team. 

Fun Fact:

As an undergraduate at C. W Post College (now Long Island University-Post), Frank’s smooth, made-for-the-airwaves voice earned him a slot as a disc jockey on the college’s radio station.